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we had a promise babe, we were in love

all the graphic love the world deserves


Leyton Jump


September 18th, 2008

[[ on a good night he can fly, and now he can ]] 603 picspam/reviewCollapse )
[[ 603 picspam/review ]]Collapse )

September 11th, 2008

One Tree Hill 602:: Picspam & Thoughts.


(sidenote: this is my first picspam in awhile so comment, let me know, request even, I live to picspam, i just forgot)

'karma...justice. 23...call me.'Collapse )



February 13th, 2008


[55 OTH, all season 5, spoilerish if you haven't seen it]
[2 SMG, and 1 FNL]


[Comment, Credit, Nominate, Love]

January 30th, 2008

[45] OTH/Sophia Bush Icons (Season 5)
[8] Veronica Mars
[30] Office (mostly JAM)


[credit jrp_jam or jrpjam_icons]
[love them]

August 10th, 2007

[90 One Tree Hill Icons]
     [54 OTH from 4x21]
     [BJL, Sophia Bush, and other misc, cast]
[58 Buffyverse Icons]

.please credit.
.loves comments.
.nominations make me squee.
.no editing. .please.
.lovvvve them.


June 14th, 2007

icons, icons, ICONS!

[1-22 Jim/Pam, Office Icons]
[23-46Sarah Michelle Gellar and 1 Buffy]
[47-105 OTH Cast and Couples, Spoilers for 4x20, with 4x21 Coming Soon]
*plus some Sophia Bush mixed in as well*
[Please COMMENT, and Credit jrp_jam, feel free to friend me, and join my icon journal]

preview it

Old Post:

Heres some icons...although they've been stored on my computer for awhile, but there still beautiful. Feel free to take, credit, comment, you know the drill:) Hope you lovvvvvvve them!

Credit jrp_jam
Comment, Comment, Commmment:P
Join my jrpjam_icons, and friend me over at jrp_jam
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June 9th, 2007

It won't be so bad I promise
Starters Note; I will have all of my icons, tutorials and other graphics posted asap. Im just getting all reorganized, like spring cleaning:P


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