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we had a promise babe, we were in love

{{picspam && thoughts}}

{{picspam && thoughts}}

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One Tree Hill 602:: Picspam & Thoughts.


(sidenote: this is my first picspam in awhile so comment, let me know, request even, I live to picspam, i just forgot)


oh leyton bestill my heart. i love that hotel room and i really really want a cloud panting. srsly who doesn't. EXACTLY. Everyone does. They are sweet and would lie forever on the floor. sidenote: i lovd haley repeating the same thing :D

ok! srsly! NO ONE does cleveage better than Deb. NO ONE! :] and i suppose because deep down I am infact a cougar at this point in my life i really kinda enjoy skills & deb. Also there first talk thing was sweet. Oh fuck I ship Skills & Deb. Haha. Remeber Tim & Deb and how unpossible that was....not anymore.

oh hjs you are to fucking cute for exsistance. srsly ( i use that word freq. prolly because of greys and i mean business ) her first pic is like looking at nate with his shirt off lovingly and adoranly. & the 'call me' line was awesome.
sidenote: leyton, lol, and who the f laughed to death when peyton was jumping by lucas what the f was that, i would be scarrred.

moving on to business::
BROOKE P. DAVIS. in pain breaks my fing heart. BREAKS IT. && Debs face, poor thing. *saves peyton retard rant for later* However I do like that brooks getting to be different, i feel like season five she simply took care of everyone personally and money wise and now its still about her friends ugh she is such a good person. (note diss brooke and die, i mean that with love)

random leyton love. head kisses are LOVE.

1) suspicous Haley is very scary, poor protective mommy. 2) Q. nuff said. i really wanna hear peoples thoughts on this. I think it was pointless, but ok. 3 & 4) the ONLY reason this show tech. still exsists is because of this family. I mean don't get me wrong I love Breyton and Leyton and Brucas and Skills and Dan, but this shows base is this family and its the best thing the show has to offer. :] IMO.


HERE IT COMES.... WHAT THE FUCK. I do NOT care how in LOVE you are. I am verrry much in love right now, sidenote, sorry. & YOU DO NOT be that retarded as to see that your best happy go lucky always cheery brooke is now semi manic depressive and awfuly bruised up from laundry or stairs or wtf ever. (I did like how peyton was 'taking care; of brooke just like she did to peyton last season) SRSLY. Hi my names Peyton I'm a retard is what the first pictures say, and poor brooke she is such the better friend this here is PROOF of that. Hands down. *breaks into dashboard confess. song*


Monster thing was adorable, as is Lucas/Jamie interaction ever, and who can resist a good Haley/Lucas friendshiplove. I like how Haley is like 'dont you lie mr. and he's like back, hurt, pain, painpills help, lvvveeu. and deb's like wish i could be having sex right now, and im really orange thanks to the person that made my cap colord :]

NALEY at its finest. How much are you in love with the I will Always Love You cap, i mean it has the BBall hoop and Naley and the writting, I think they did that on purpose, plus this scene reminds me of back in good ole season four (GASP did i just fing say that, UGH) when haley is comforting him about basketball on the rivercourt. They've come so far but yet ar still so beautiful.


DUN...DUN......DUNNNN!!! Poor Q. his face and his kinda tears and his pointless useless death, but with purpose to bring jamie and family tears and pain thus bring us pain. IDK WTF they called lucas I understand he's the head coach but pft PISH PFTTT Bullsh. Call Nathan damn you.

Preview for next week is so saddddd, poor jamie. :[



  • I totally agree with you on the Peyton-Brooke scene: as much as I liked it when they were sitting on the couch together, I really think Peyton was a little too wrapped up in herself and her happiness in this episode. And this said by someone who loves Peyton.
    Nathan, Haley and Jamie are adorable but seriously, when aren't they?
    It's so sad that Quentin is gone. I mean, I didn't really care much for him as a character, but poor Jamie! :(
    • OH yeah don't gt me wrong I love Peyton I do, just the way she's acting or the way Marcs making her act. phewy! I agree with the Quentin thing the fact that jamies going to be in pain is what gets me, not that we lost some beloved character.
  • Omg I think ur right ... in almost all of ur comments especially the one about Peyton and Brooke
  • WOWEE> Great picspam!!!!!

    Man. I heart Peyton's hair..

    ANd I love the jumping on th bed.. but Quentin. and then Lucas' face... oh MAN... heart breaking.
    • Yes its Mark though we should be fully used ot the heartbreak by now, huh! I KNOW I cannot believe i forgot I alwayyys mean to comment on peytons hair and then i forget. Darnnit. but yes she is a beauty this season :] as all seasons. Glad you liked the picspam :]
  • (no subject) - sweetsmile21
  • joy looked so good in that gym scene. oh my god BEAUTIFUL

    i love peyton, so it really kills me that mark refuses to make peyton a good friend when it comes to brooke. i just ignore it now because i can't fucking take it anymore.

    great picspam!
    • AW! Ty :] and yes I agree completly Mark is being very unfair to peytons character. Its ridiculous!
  • out of curiousity, would you happen to have a cap of the river court where you can see and read as much of the painting as possible?
    haha i can't seem to find one anywhere!
    • Yes, that cap thats in the my picspam is pretty much the best one, cuz I picked it. :P & cuz i loved it and wanted it to say I Will ALways Love YOu.
  • Awesome pic spam hun!

    I couldn't agree anymore with you about Peyton. Gahh it's been two episodes and I find her annoying as fuck...pardon my language. Sure, she's with Lucas and such, and it's been a long time coming, but seriously. Annoying much? She just seems soo dependent on him now and not the Peyton I used to like when she was fiesty, independent and wasn't such a retard. Gahh in the BP, she just seems only half her heart is with Brooke. But whatevs, what can you do.

    As for NH. Totes agree with there as well. I mean they're my reason to tune in every week, as is many other's reason as well. I
    just loved the overdose of NH..about time too! 6.01 was just pathetic. River court scene has got to be one of the best scenes we've had in a realllly long time & the whole "Hey 23, Call Me!" LOVED IT. JLs = ♥
  • pretty picspam♥
  • Re:

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