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we had a promise babe, we were in love

[you could have it all]

[you could have it all]

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[smg blue]

[55 OTH, all season 5, spoilerish if you haven't seen it]
[2 SMG, and 1 FNL]


[Comment, Credit, Nominate, Love]

[OTH] (season 5, all, and everything)

Before the prettyness...I Missed tonights episode,how insane is that. I never miss them ever. Point being if anyone wants to give me an awesome description and there thoughts or just there feelings im just deprived intill cw posts it and i can watch it. Then I'll be ok. But still I cannot believe I missed it:(
On a note, most of you know that my mom passed away about 7 months ago, 11 days after my birthday, it was not fun let me tell you, well as im barely making it through life without crying everyday guess what happens, my dad is hospitalized for a major heartattack and he went into surgery, and im like oh don't worry doctors I've spent more time in this hosptial than all you interns. It's kinda awful, so I'm dealing with that right now, plus my grampa is also in the hosptial (same one too) so I'm pretty much givin up on working and am just trying to take care of them and not completley going into depression. 

Ever notice how making icons helps everything, don't get me wrong actually watching the show is the greatest too but for me its like YAY! I have my muisc, my food, my laptop, my pretty pictures, its an amazing drug. 

I am loving the fact that we have a season 5, a lot of people have been complaining how they arent liking it, which is understandable (LEAVE NALEY ALONE EVERYBODY, GEES) and Mark I am highly dissapointed how many story lines can you have that are thee same. Hmm. Lame. But I am still grateful that we have a OTH to watch, so no complaining here, actually you can tell me your thoughts on why you dont like it, if you must.
Leaving off on that...I hope everyone enjoys these to millions of peices.

Let me tell you I am not the biggest shipper of Leyton ever, but 1 I don't really like Lindsey, dont get me wrong shes beeeeautiful and she would be good for lucas to bad hes an ass. But iconing Leyton and there scenes and chemistry this season is killing me its so amazing and beautiful, and I know a lot of people dont like Peyton to much but I love her, shes bitchy, shes selfish, sure, but shes passionate and knows what she wants...pretty much just lucas all the time, everytimne....shes also amazing to icon!! Hell the entire f'ing cast is beautiful!!!

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  • The OTH icons are gorgeous! And I love Peyton, too. She's my favorite female character.

    I'm so terribly sorry about your mom. It'll be 2 years this March since my mom passed. :/
    I hope your dad and grandpa get better.

    Edited at 2008-02-13 09:47 am (UTC)
    • Aw thank-you!!!! & it's good, I just don't think there are enough Peyton fans out there, I mean I realized shes flawed but pretty sure everyone else in the world is too...other than that shes amazing!!!!

      Aww, yes, well my family doesn't like that I keep track or remember, like itll be 7 months on the 20th, and there like oh its bad for you, you shouldn't do that to yourself, but what are you going to do right. Thank you though!! I've pretty much decided to not stress as much as possible and whatever will happen will happen for whatever reason it may be.

      So need to go buy OTHS4, just for a fix.
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